As it rained almost always towards the end of my trip in France I decided not to cycle to Cherbourg to grab a ferry but to use the connection St. Malo - Portsmouth to cross over into

- England -
( England )

Ferries from Saint Malo and Cherbourg to Portsmouth: Brittany Ferries, P&O European Ferries

In principle England began with the overnight accommodation in a marvelous youth hostel - an old Manor House in Portsmouth.
Loved it that much that I tried 'em again and again. With the result that I stayed the majority of my nights in Great Britain in youth hostels!
The english / welsh / scottish youth hostels are a class for itself! Absolute top class! No matter where, no matter which one! (as far as I visited them)

Scenery ..
Beautiful travel by the morning landscape.
Road gets lost at a mountain-slope beginning along, on the left of juicy-green meadows by sheep taken in, in the middle in it a river into the distance schlaengelt.
On the horizon in the light vapor - to detect but still as green - Hill and mountain-slopes. Even with interspersed cliff. Fantastically.
Is still England; but I place myself to Wales in such a way forwards.

Kept on travelling through beautiful old english towns and villages like Winchester or Avebury. Unbelievable how much flair a town can have!
Only the eternal on and starting from the roads gnaws something at the mood. Does one have to absolutely build it over the highest point of a hill and afterwards by the deepest hollow to only lead in order it at the next hill again across the all-highest point?
But apart from such little things it was a mad travel.

With the change inside after

- Wales -
( Wales )

became from the hills mountains. Which is appropriate for me already rather. There the travel is worthwhile itself uphill at least and with mad prospects is recompenced.
Equal to beginning e.g. - for the distance from Kington to Penybont - I drew a green zigzag line in into my card - Character of an extraordinarily beautiful distance.

Llyn Clywedog

Wanted to drive in the further process to Aberystwyth - as a railway fan one may not be able to be escaped the there steam locomotive distance actually - decided me however nevertheless differently and continued to drive to Machynlleth.
Here the same question arises. Does the Talyllyn "Railway in " Tywyn visit or not? But surely! Only that I wanted to look at myself beforehand still another little the area. Drove therefore first times up to Dolgellau and came over the coastal road again down to Tywyn.
The following course travel was unique!

Steam train in Tywyn: Talyllyn Railway
Steam train Aberystwyth - Devil's Bridge: Vale of Rheidol Railway

Few days later I came to Snowdonia, a mountain massif high over thousand meters. In the diary the following is located:

Grandioser day, overwhelming landscape, fantastically beautiful prospects, in addition the course travel and the inspection of the Caverns.
Good breakfast, then geht's loosely. Plays still with the thought the 10,30 o'clock course of the Ffestiniog course starting from Porthmadog abzupassen. At the branch I decide to drive themselves however with the wheel up to Blaenau Ffestiniog and to nevertheless rather buy a Return ticket.
Wonderful landscape!
My wheel at the station are calmly, with the course down after Porthmadog and afterwards again up. A wonderful travel. With "re+drive up " ("return trip " does not fit actually at all) two Wagons behind the locomotive sat. Can listen so occasionally to the noise of the locomotive.
After the travel with the Ffestiniog course with the Slate Caverns by-looked and - naturally - both routes visits. Whereby "deep the mine " is a selfled, only the work accompanies the information about the life from different tapes, and the caves play.
"Tramway "the route is led and one gets information to the life and work routine of the workers to that time.
In the link only fast in the Jugi in Lledr Valley called - in order to guarantee that I have also a workstation for the night.
Was a grandioser day!

Steam train Porthmadog - Blaenau Ffestiniog: Ffestiniog Railway

But thus not enough: a further large attraction of Wales are its innumerable castles!
Castell y Bere, Harlech Castle, Criccieth Castle, Dolwyddelan Castle, Caernarfon Castle, Beaumaris Castle, Conwy Castle,. to call. around only few.

The best way around Wales to describe is probably that thought, which shoots me with the Zurueckdenken by the heading:

a fantastic small spot earth, this ' Wales ',
beautifully, full alternation and most interestingly at the same time!

Wales .. !

- England -
( England )

Hardly again in England it went through Liverpool.
Which I cities anything to gain cannot have let be reminiscent I already several times; But I must add Liverpool have its attraction. It cannot say necessarily that I was inspired lightup, but certain a something seems the city to have.
To stop me for several days there, but it was not enough nevertheless in the long run then however. Nevertheless rather drove on. Finally one can smell here already almost Scotland.

sundown northern England

Still another / experiences two nights with mad sunsets in England and came I to Greenhead.. and Hadrian's barrier - the famous earth barrier in England's the north.

- Scotland -
( Scotland )

At the beginning an easy restriction. Scotland is not surely a beautiful target, a doubt. Like every other country also, then however also Scotland has its (small) not so beautiful pages. In my case I felt the nevertheless quite frequent fences as such. By it I came myself the-more frequent literally as locked out by the grandiosen landscape forwards
But thus enough - is also only my subjective feeling.

Otherwise one cannot describe unbelievably beautiful and fascinating country differently as Scotland than!

In Greenhead I attached Stephan and Jeoff, two further wheel-learn myself (many, many greetings!! , and schmiss my own planning over the heaps. It became a beautiful travel! On the last section before Melrose (I drove there a parallel route) I even the luck had been able to watch a fischreiher for one while fishing!
It in the eye angles in the brook had seen being located and wanted it gladly to observe without it directly to verscheuchen. The opportunity in addition offered large shrubs. Hardly behind it disappeared and mouse-quietly hold back a vollbremsung. I was recompenced with my first fishing heron in Britannien!

Dumfries and Galloway (before Knowehead)

The following southern elbow by Dumfries and Galloway was worthwhile itself shows surely alone already above picture!
The distance after Ardrossan against it is not worth in the slightest and was fast forgotten; It continued to go on the Isle OF Arran.

unforgettably, fantastically.
Total silence. Only the wind in the ears and that Geplaet of the water on the bank are to be heard. On the opposite bank quietly a rasenmaeher.
In addition the warm Brise, which flutter the sweater in the wind laest and this pleasant tingling on the skin caused.

Which was meant to the food loading as course - buy - became one of these unforgettable experiences.

Ferries to and between the Inner and Outer Hebrides: Caledonian MacBrayne

Over Kintyre back auf's mainland, to Portavadie, was and from there on the small coastal road of far until Inveraray.
With the view of the Faehrverbindungen to exterior the Hebriden it showed up that just only on the following day a ferry stores, which arrives also at acceptable time (19,30 o'clock) at South Uist. Thus times again if everything forgot my plans, branched early on the next morning out of the bed and hurried after Oban too radeln around the ferry abzupassen.

view of Oban

- Outer Hebrides -
( Outer Hebrides )

South Uist did not please me despite wonderful landscape so particularly - because of the fences already mentioned. Large exception (natural): the JH. harms that there are hardly still such lodgings. North Uist pleased me against it already substantially better. Here even the first green zigzag lines in my cards emerge - personal marking for extraordinarily beautiful distances.
They begin Leverburgh on North Uist, pull away themselves the Faehrverbindung Newtonferry - along and finally completely over South Lewis!

Early awake. [ like actually always ]. Trick me again over and sleeps still another round. [ like actually always ]. As I again wake up am it to 7,30 o'clock of perfect time. [ like actually always ].
Beautiful morning. Easily cloudily and drying. In addition approximately green. To luggage my things and drive down to the port. One soll's does not believe however the terminals is still too! Are there the purchases (Safeway everything transacted set I into the waiting hall of the bus station and have breakfast themselves there. Tarpaulin additionally the Faehrueberfahrten Scrabster - Stromness, Stromness - Lerwick and Lerwick - Mountains. Lasts one while is however in the long run to the full satisfaction solve.
I spend the remaining time up to the Faehrabfahrt in the terminal (is now open!!) write with diary and last travel data to the short Stippvisite to brother wedding gather.

The kilometers - again on Scottish mainland soil - to Scrabster discharge opening I I followed a route strongly predominantly by farm areas. Thus not necessarily worth mentioning.

Ferries to Orkney and Shetland: Northlink Ferries, John O' Groats to Orkney Ferry

- Orkney -
( Orkney Islands )

The other Orkney - My own Orkney
spent some days on Orkney. And nothing did. And it was well which I did
Have ' sat in a lodging, only for occasional walks before the door. Sometimes into the place - simply only the main street up and down -, sometimes also to the port, observing to a railing leaned the waves, the clouds watching like them by-pulled or the rain drops on me fall leaving.
Seen of Orkney have ' I nothing. And it was good

A daily someone will ask me for " Orkney " a fine, December width unit smile on my face will appear.

- Shetland -
( Shetland Islands )

Shetland, unique Shetland

Me approximately my own will nevertheless again into the Hostel Café set. Perhaps I am to be collected here in a the position a few thoughts. The Essraum is for it not quite comfortably enough. The seat opportunities in the 1. Stick are also not the even correct place, and in common room the Faeroeer Kids in stickiger air television looks.
Which I wanted now cry ben? Hatte eben einige Gedanken ...
Könnte schon wieder losfahren. Bin wieder soweit. Hatte das Gefühl bereits heute Morgen gespürt und jetzt eben auch wieder. War lange genug an einem Ort. Fange an mich nach der Straße zu sehnen, nach dem Unterwegssein.
Es ist immer ein bedenkliches Zeichen wenn ich anfange mich nach der Straße, nach dem Unterwegssein zu sehnen.
"Mist. Und ausgerechnet jetzt muß ich nach Deutschland."

Habe im übrigen die letzten Tage sehr viel gelesen.
Hatte einen Gang zur Bücherei gewagt und was ich vorfand war die wohl beste / umfassendste Reisebuch- Sammlung, die ich mir vorstellen kann. Nicht nur Dervla Murphys "Full Tilt" oder Paul Theroux's "The Great Railway Bazaar" sondern auch Bücher wie Mark Jenkins' "Off the map" oder gar Simon Vickers' "Between Hammer and Sickle" sind vorhanden!
Ich war derart begeistert, daß ich auch in den folgenden Tagen immer wieder hinüberging; mal in jenem, mal in welchem Buch am lesen.
Fast logische Konsequenz war dann auch, daß ich an einem der Tage dann auch in der Buchhandlung auftauchte. Daß ich sie schließlich mit "nur" zwei Büchern verließ lag eher daran, daß ich mein Budget (eh schon hoffnungslos überzogen) nicht vollkommen pulverisieren wollte.

Nachdem ich von der schon erwähnten Stippvisite zu Bruders Hochzeit wieder eingetroffen war blieb ich nochmal ein paar Tage. Wieder aklimatisieren. Und natürlich auch das Schiff nach Bergen / Norwegen abpassen.

Ferry between Shetland Island and Bergen: Smyril Line