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Hi there!
This is the page of a guy who loves travelling.
Been in Maun, Botswana, Africa for about seven years by now! Got kinda "stuck" here during my African travels in 2000. Have to admit, though, the "itchy feet" are still there.. :-)

Was born and brought up in the northwest of Germany, a region called "Münsterland". Because it's one of the most beautiful regions for cycling in Germany I spent most of my youth on a bicycle already. Which eventually let me "grow" into a so-called "long distance cyclist".
Quit my job at the beginning of '95. And have been travelling & experiencing, with only a few breaks, the globe since. But it's not only cycling. If it's somewhat unique, I love to ride trains and do some hiking as well.

pointer  On tour since '86; Some of the places I've travelled: 

I prefer extremely vast, lonely and deserted places; and fell deep in love with mountains and deserts. They are by far the most interesting to me.

'92 Scandinavia / North Cape (bike), 6 we
'93 Transsiberian Rwy. (train), 3 we
'93 Hermannsweg (hiking), 2 we
'94 Australia: Tracks to Alice (bike), 2 mo
'95 Australia: Outback & Cape York,
      ... Russia (bike), 6 mo
'96 USA-Mexico-USA-Canada (bike), 10 mo
'97 South West Way (hiking), 3 we
'97 Canada (bike), 2 mo
'98 One time around Europe (bike), 8 mo
'00/ '03 On tour in southern Africa...
      ... Namib, Kalahari & Karoo deserts
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If you've got questions regarding the trips, or have been cycling lonely places yourself - I'm always interested in new ideas! - drop me a mail!
I'll be particularly grateful for mails from other bicycle traveller!!
This is my address: tom@bicycletraveller.de

arrow  Long distances with no supplies available en route .. 

arrow  The equipment - what to take onto the long mile 

arrow  Route planning - for long-term bicycle journeys 

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